Vi-Vi Electro Acoustics Violin

Your instrument should be an extension of your soul.

To transport that experience to the audience, all the paths should be flawless and transparent. With StringAmpaTM amplification system, developed and produced by Michael Edinger, Denmark, this ideal is now at hand.

StringAmpaTM is a unique system that enables the string to be its own pickup, it is a true quality leap upwards. StringAmpaTM sound quality is in a class of its own, and only StringAmpaTM is offering this a pure sounda principle worldwide.


The newly developed VI-VI electro-acoustic violin is made with composite materials and high-quality tonewood, in a modern shape with 100% of the playing comfort of the classic violin.

Our VI-VI ELECTRO ACOUSTICS VIOLIN incorporates the StringAmpaTM system, developed by Michael Edinger, enabling a pure transfer of the sound of the strings and the instrument. Without the drawbacks from piezo systems, the artistic expression possibilities are boundless.

Imagine taking the lead control in a contemporary electrified music ensemble and with your own playing technique, mastering everything in full control of the sound levels, from soft to loud and with all the fine tonal nuances included. With the StringAmpaTM system, the occurrence of feedback is excluded from your stage performance, even with your stage monitors at full blast. Your search for the great SOUND You want just took a new direction.

In the future, we are planning Cello, Bass and acoustic Guitar instruments that will also benefit from the StringAmpaTM amplification system.

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