Violin & viola shoulder rests

All models of shoulder rest is to allow a more comfortable attitude while playing by adding height to the shoulder and preventing the instrument from slipping. We offer many different models.


The Worlds best adjustable Shoulder Rest!
Beautiful Flamed Selected Maple with complementary Gold fittings.
Patented in EU & USA no.: US 7,888,569.

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NEWLY DEVELOPED – best adjustable shoulder rest for professional violinists, students and beginners.

Lateral adjustment with rotatable metal end members enables the best support and gripping.

Twisted base member form offers the optimum comfort of holding the instrument.

Patented in EU & USA no.: US 7,888,569.

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Natural and esthetic product made of best quality maple or walnut wood. The art of craftsmanship.


The perfect wooden shoulder rest a very comfortable and manufactured with craftsmanship

of the highest quality.


Compact offers a unique folding system, minimizing the height of the shoulder rest, allowing it to fit inside a variety of cases.


The only difference between music and colours is in frequency. Shoulder rests are available in blue, green, purple, red, black and yellow.

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